It is Autumn (you may call it Fall). Indeed the leaves are leaving their branches and falling to the ground. There they will rot, and provide energy for the tree and its next generation of leaves.

Humans (Homo sapiens) also leave droppings. In most cases in the developed world our waste is washed away down a pipe, never to be seen again. Of course it doesn’t disappear, it is cleaned, dried, and lots of other processes (we hope) and pushed back out into the world.

That’s what should happen. Keeping all in balance. Unfortunately it is not always like that. Through ignorance or greed we don’t really look after our environment.

Ignorance can be tackled. Legislation may be the ultimate sanction. Greed is rather different. Too often it relies upon the ignorance of the population, or on corruption.

Stupidity knows no bounds. The American President says that socialism is evil, not to be trusted. I supposed an absolute egoist, a spoilt rich kid who has spent his life going bankrupt – how many times? Five! He knows all about the dangers of sharing money with those less fortunate than himself. Such a pity that the USA is led by such an absolute cretin.