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I’m all set for the coming festivities.

Living alone, and allegedly vulnerable,I’ll not be seeing many people during the holiday.

I bought a small free-range box for £36 from 

My box contained:

2x Free-Range Chicken Breasts, Skinless
1x Pack of Grass-Fed Beef Mince, Coarse Cut
5x Premium Pork, Sage & Black Pepper Sausages
2x Scottish Salmon Fillets
6x Free-Range Back Bacon, Unsmoked Rashers
12x Grass-Fed Beef Meatballs
4x Free-Range Chicken Thighs, Boneless
1x Pack of Free-Range Prime Pork Strips

I calculate that these will add protein to about 15 meals for me, and that’s not bad value at about £2 a meal. Add to all this the produce from the allotment, and it’s looking good.

I started with the hake: two portions. one large, one small (that could cause problems). The fish was well packed – all the food is supplied fresh in a sealed box, lavishly enclosed in thick aluminium with bags of ice.

Cooked slowly in a pan with butter, and a touch of oil to prevent burning, it took no more than seven minutes to cook – start skin side down, until crisped and brown then flip over for the last minute or two.

Served with hispi cabbage (the pointed one) spinach and small potatoes (all cooked in the same steamer stack) the whole meal took moments to cook. Lovely.

Sebastian is the fishmonger who supplied this hake. Thank you.

Hand picked collection

Coming Together

Our diverse democracy is now leaving the European Union, after 47 years. Our governments have never been really happy in this club yet for nearly fifty years we have avoided war in Europe. That must mean something after centuries of conflict. Our present Prime Minister was elected, with an increased majority, largely on the slogan ‘Get Brexit Done’.

His stated aim now is to bring the two broad factions of the country together. One for, one against remaining in the EU. As usual with Boris there’s no clear plan to achieve his stated intention.

Ever eager to please I have a plan. One small caveat before it is revealed and that is that Dominic Cummings be sacked. He has dubious links with Russia, is far too arrogant, and, in my opinion, looks Machiavellian.

Cummings has designs to change, notably the BBC. This institution may be in need of change, but not by Cummings. It is top-heavy and cumbersome and carries too many staff, some of whom get paid far too much. It lacks a clear vision but with a few tweaks could be a perfect vehicle for Boris to use.

We all know the BBC. Most of the world knows the BBC. It’s a great marketing device which is precisely why it should not stoop to the archaic advertising-revenue system of support. That immediately hampers its freedom.

To support the BBC we must insist that all major sporting events are covered by the BBC. That need not prevent other stations from broadcasting the same material – indeed the BBC could also sell their own content. A careful look at some TV channels will reveal that is already common practice, although usually old content. We have a national broadcaster – let’s use it effectively, and openly state how much cash is made.

That it must retain its independence is obvious, and perhaps a panel of populace could be chosen to oversee that function. The present system is not powerful enough.

The next year will be interesting. I’m no lover of bureaucrats but the EU also could be improved. Maybe, one day, we will be allowed to return.

For now we face the threat from the USA that seems intent on making us a lackey-state, if not the 51st State of the Union.

Hand picked collection

Women Sando

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