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Go away – ‘I’m likely to moan.

Lockdown has seen me watching too much TV. That’s not been easy because the BBC (the government really) has taken away my BBC TV Licence. On reaching 75 yrs of age you were allowed to watch BBC TV free. The present bunch of freeloaders who are our government took that privilege away. It was achieved craftily, and some folk never realised it was yet another freeload deception.

I worry about our populace, and that’s not been helped by watching what’s on offer on TV. I have Freeview. There must be a way to look at other channels, but I’m too lazy to find out.

Watching Freeview frustrates me. The UK channels are all available, sort of. Only the BBC shows are without adverts. On rare ocasions I can take adverts: if the show is good, I want a wee, or make a coffee. The break can help. Yet Freeview is much more. It is no more than adverts. Beyond the fence of terrestrial TV, with adverts, there is a series of ancients. I wouldn’t say they are all as old as me, but getting close. They must be cheap to broadcast, and they all carry adverts. If you are that interested you’ll accept the marketing.

Marketing comes into its own with channels that just sell stuff. This reveals its bias. Women are the prime targets; gullible? Perhaps. Jewellery, mosly garish costume stuff is popular. Some sites show how many customers they are getting – it seems that a minimum sales of £2000 is rquired for a 5-10 minute promotion. It all helps to keep the economy moving, except most of the stuff comes from abroad.

Women’s clothing comes next, with garden products now following. As I know some about plants I’m conscious they are selling plants that are easy to grow, and charging too much money. Someone, somewhere, must believe that paper cards are artistic. I don’t.

Beyond that there are the soft porn sites that occupy the night. Best ignored.

I’m left flicking through 200 channels endlessly, trying to find something to take my mind off Judge Judy (get to my age and they all look good).

It’s all a sad reflection upon our world.

I signed up for a Netflix subscription. This is an American site. Getting away for US-produced films is not easy, unless you want to re-watch ancient BBC TV programmes.

If the BBC sell this stuff why don’t the Licence payers get any return on their investment? Or does the BBC waste that cash paying a few, largely untalented, presenters. OK, don’t even mention football. There’s one guru paid £3 million to host a weekly show. Why?

Summer’s here. Nights are lighter. I’m growing vegetables. Who needs TV?



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