Lockdown and Snow: USA

Sometimes life just gets you down. I’ve had all that just recently.

The world has been infected by covid-19 virus. A sunspot attacked the earth, with uncertain results. My computer was hacked, I think. In any case I lost all the passwords to all my links and all of my bookmarks disappeared. I found new virus-checking software but there’s yet another problem – it doesn’t check my computer. Don’t ask me why. Then it started snowing!

Moan over, let’s talk about something more important

For many years I’ve been concerned about the undue influence of the United States of America. Don’t get mad yet, let me explain. That will take some understanding.

Those that are now called Native Americans arrived there about 15,000 years ago. We understand that Christopher Columbus in 1482 colonised the continent on behalf of Europe. By the 1780s the 13 British colonies had about 2.5million people. France got in the way but the British held sway and imposed taxes. This was unpopular. By 1776 a conference at philadelphia declared independence. Various developments led to the second war in 1812, against Britain. From that time we can say that the USA was created.

Note, that: at no stage, were the original inhabitants of these lands ever seriously considered. From this distance I’d suggest they were badly treated, and they have not had a good deal since.

A contnuous collection of immigrants arrived from all over the world. They recognised it to be a land of plenty, as did European countries. Eventually deals are agreed, with some reluctance. As always politics proved to be a dirty business.

It was accepted that the new republic had arrived. New businesses were created, many of these built or sponsored by Europeans. Notably two new industries expanded: cotton and sugar. They needed a work force. Initially is was poor Irish and other Europeans but then people were ripped away from their families in Africa. Slave traders had always existed in Africa, now they found a new market with rich Europeans sponsoring the trade, with ships and other facilities, to take these hapless Africans to work on these new estates.

Slavery helped build the USA and made some Europeans very rich. In Great Britain there remain many fine houses and estates that were possible because of slavery.

The new republic found itself in a unique position. Its newly arrived population were keen and eager. In that they were helped by the new government. Remember nothing was paid for this land. It had been appropriated by these invaders.

It’s akin to starting an enterprise anywhere else in the world without having to pay for the land or infrastructure, or many of the resources needed.

Today the USA has power and influence.

Its people have been told consistently that they are great, they are powerful. It is a large country but it is not the biggest we have. Notably the European Union is much larger and may, one day, be able to compete, if that is what is required.

The USA is just over 200 years od. A toddler, like a two-year old it’s prone to temper tantrums if it doesn’t get its own way. It now has a very expensive army that has over 900 bases worldwide. It’s the threat of it potential that allows it to hold its own. It has proved itself to be largely incompetent when using invasion as a tactic. It has used its economic might to gain control. It still wants to believe it has an Empire.

How long that will last is now questionable. All regimes crumble away eventually. The USA will be no exception.

It has developed a love for capitalism, which it defends partly by its disike of socialism. Although I suspect that few Americans really appreciate what that word means.

It may be time for a change. We tried communisn, we have capitalism: which produces too much inequality. Perhaps we’ll find some sense in community politics?

Still cold and snowing.