New Tomorrow

There is need for change. The corvid-19 has opened our eyes. Although I live close to the River Orwell, a name chosen by George Orwell for 1984 and other novels. Orwell laid out our history in that book, 1984. We, the heaving mass of humanity, are easily manipulated, and easily satisfied. Give us a daily dose and plenty of moving images and we are happy. At least we believe we are happy, whilst we fail to realise that we are being controlled and manipulated.

Imagine the scene: there’s Al Kemal, aka Boris Johnson, now relaxing at Chequers, the country retreat of the British Prime Minister.

Chequers, PM's country retreat.

Nice little drum, but it needs a kiddies playground if Boris is to continue breedng at his current rate.

Enough of today. We must look forward through the gloom to new horizons. Our political system needs to change. All seemed OK when we had the mother of all Parliaments and democracy. Now, it is clear, both need an overhaul.

Political Parties

These are great barriers to democracy. They destroy cooperation. Just watch Kemal at the Despatch Box in the House of Commons. He has a majority. He can’t lose. He rarely answers questions, instead he mocks and demands answers from the questioner. All wrong.

Once upon a time I was selected by my local Party to stand as a Parliamentary Candidate. Within days a man turned up who worked at the Party’s HQ. He had also been selected to stand as a candidate but he had been chosen by the Party hierarchy. in London. My case collapsed.

Parties create divisions, and they allow control by a small number of people. Incidentally is Dominic Cummings a paid-up member of the Conservative Party? They make governing easier, because the power elite decides what should be done and the sheep are obliged to follow. If they don’t comply they face banishment!

It may seem more difficult but the new system must banish parties. There will be cliques, but they will be short-term alliances for specific causes. There must not be an organised structure.


At present a party wins a majority, and then may select a government and a leader. That encourages corruption, and there’s too much of that today. Eletions are settled geographically – should that be the case? If you live in an area where an MP has always been elected, who is not representing your views, then you have a problem. You are disenfranchised.

In our democracy it is alleged that we all rule. At least, we do so by proxy. An election is held, all members of the country (and that needs to be properly defined) vote to elect the MP for their constituency. There the problems start. The candidate is selected by the party. The local party believes it has some say in the matter. Not really true. Candidates are selected nationally, then they can be selected by local parties. My MP had never been t my county before she was selected, and then elected.

Constituencies are geographically allocated, that causes problems.