Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda is reported to have suffered a nervous breakdown after completing a film.

I sympathise.

As we slide through this life we have ups and downs. Mine has been more down than up, but never mind, we survive.

I have one worry: that’s the survival of mankind on this planet.

That’s a serious concern. We have an increasing shift to the right in politics. In Europe we have experience of what that means. In the USA there is a simple-minded, yet arrogant President.

United Kingdom

In the UK we have an equally spoilt-brat as Prime Minister. He masquerades as British, that’s not strictly true. He’s a second-generation immigrant from Turkey.

That’s OK. The UK is now full of immigrants, and most are doing a good job. We need and welcome their enthusiasm. Perhaps the problems arise when their offspring, born in this country, are well-established and have money and influence. They become arrogant.

England (specifically) is a nation of peasants. Folk who have been under the yoke for many years. We’ve not had a voice that’s been effective. We tried in 1381 with the Peasants Revolt, but that failed.

Richard 11 faces the peasants

Richard 11, then just 14, met the peasants but the Mayor of London stepped in and killed the peasant’s leader Wat Tyler. Richard promised to meet the peasants demands: that all men should be free and equal.

So much for promises. Government troops went to the villages and hanged any man who took part.

We have promises from politicians today. With a coming election there will many of the people who choose to believe those who wield power. They may be wrong to believe promises.

The Chartists in 19th Century (1838) wanted constitutional reform, presenting six demands. They failed.

Chartists meet at Kennington 1848

Despite objections (10,000 extra police standing by) the Chartists presented a petition to Parliament, signed by 6 million people, it was largely ignored.

In a quiet way the same situation is occurring again. This time a Tory Prime Minister held a referendum. Read carefully it did no more than promise to look at the result. Unfortunately a small majority voted to leave the European Union (EU).

That cause consternation amongst the ruling classes. They were aware that the EU were changing the tax laws meaning that overseas investments would be taxed. For some that became a good reason to leave the EU.

Unfortunately, for them, this ruse was soon spotted. A new Prime Minister, Boris the Turk Johnson, is now holding another election. Which he hopes to win.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson was born in New York City on June 19, 1964. His great-grandfather was Ali Kemal, an Ottoman Turk. Kemal fled to exile in England in late 1909, They already had a daughter named Selma. Kemal stayed with his mother-in-law Margaret Brun (née Johnson). Is that where Johnson’s name came from? His nationality hangs on a thin thread.

Who knows what will happen on 12 December?

I have an evil plan: if Boris wins and we leave the EU I shall go to Holland and plead asylum as a refugee I have some links in my ancestry to Holland, and even more in France where my family founded a Christian order, which still exists today:

La Salle

I hope he loses. We need Europe, and Europe needs us.


An Election

Twelfth of December: what a glorious day it will be.

Shall we have sunshine ?

Shall we have snow?

Chances are we will see Old England sliding down into the mire, with a golden wig draped over its corpse.

Somehow we have allowed a spoilt brat (where did his money come from? Well his grandfather was thrown out of Turkey for trying to become Prime Minister).

Another foreigner, called Farage, has buttered up the US President, and they are now good friends.

Glory be.

At least we can watch the rugby – we might even win!

England Rugby Team (against Ireland)