Loss of Control

creature on single wheel machine hurtling down a hill

Don’t you feel that way? The system has taken control, and you are no longer in charge, not just of the words you write but how they are displayed, and who decides what will happen.

One day recently I was told, by a friend, that my site was down. It turns out that the server company I have used for the past 20 years had gone bust. I heard nothing from them. Years of work disappeared overnight. Very disappointing.

We move on. I find a new company. All seems well. It seems that I can migrate the content of my old site to the new place. That was true, but for one problem. I no longer have access to my old site so cannot add the software that will allow the migration, that came from

Let’s move on to Stripe.

This is a Californian-based company offering similar services to PayPal. I wanted to use their services. Set up by Patrick Collison, an Irishman, it seemed like good news. The online form asked for my postcode. I gave it, and was told that it didn’t exist. I emailed my concern, only to be told that Stripe makes the decisions, and there’s nothing I can do about that. Sounds Irish enough for me.

Recently Marks and Spencers closed their store in my town. I had a Sparks card, sort of a thank you by the company, that awards points based on purchases. I had 5,000 points, but they were not showing on my online account.

I sent the M&S Referral team an email. I received a quick reply from Emma, I respond, then Sally replies, I respond, Sarah replies, I respond . I received a total of twelve replies from different people before they agreed to issue a new card. I was told to telephone their company when I received the card. Thirty minutes on the phone, with me paying, before the lovely girl sorted it out for me. I now have 5000 points on a card. Now what do I do with these? I’d offered to take the last lady away for the weekend, but that doesn’t seem to be an option.

These are not just moans. They are relevant. Our job, as clients and consumers now only amounts to paying as much money as can be squeezed out of us. The real purpose is to make money.

We need to start resisting.