Wonderful Life

It had been a long day – waiting. Finally our neighbour said, ‘I think we’ll go upstairs now.’ It took a moment to comprehend what the buxom woman was suggesting, until she looked straight at me, and said, ‘Perhaps you can bring us up a cup of tea?’

I immediately understood, woken from my reverie, and went to make tea.

A few minutes later I too climbed the stairs, carrying a tray with teapot, cups, milk jug and a biscuit or two, I went into the bedroom.

My wife was in bed holding a bundle on her chest. In those few moments our daughter had been born.

What a delight. She was perfect. This was not a wrinkled red prune. This baby was absolutely beautiful. I stood, gazing at mother and child with rapt wonder. We now had a bright intelligent son and this lovely addition to our family; a daughter.

I picked her up, placing her gently in the crib her mother had lovingly made. As I did so her little hand grasped my index finger, and her eyes opened, as if to say ‘hello’.


Kate Lockwood

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