Vicar’s Daughter has failed

We are all bored by the arguments within the Cabinet, and elsewhere, about Brexit. The current policy (if one exists) is looking in the wrong direction.

Nation State

The UK remains a class-ridden society. Those concerned with our future relationship with Europe tend to be those with investments or interests abroad. For most of us Europe is a great place for a holiday, if we can overcome the avaricious demands of budget airlines.

Our real concerns are with this country. Our government and the hedge fund man who shares the Vicar”s Daughter’s bed don’t think the same way. They want profit, from wherever it can be found.

It’s hard to buy British lamb because most is sent abroad, some still on the hoof, which is inexcusable for an animal-loving country like Britain. About half of UK businesses are now foreign owned, and we allow multi-nationals to take our money then craftily  base themselves in Eire (or elsewhere) and pay no tax in the UK. What’s the government doing about that? Cadburys was sold to a US company, who have changed the products, taken well over four billion abroad, yet failed to pay any UK tax. It’s a travesty.

What must be done now

Britain first. Let’s get our own house in order before we worry about the demands of others. We have enough folk to cope. What’s lacking is motivation. This government, controlled by a parsimonious Chancellor, led by a submissive woman who has achieved success by keeping her head down and avoiding conflict. We don’t need her now. We need strong leadership, with a clear vision of the future.

Unfortunately we don’t have a politician with those abilities.

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