Lutz self-driver podI listened to the Chancellor’s Budget speech yesterday, and the lame excuses that soon appeared to justify his lies. The awful reality is that they seem to believe themselves. Perhaps worse is that the media don’t switch on the light in a darkened room with these liars tied to chair when they ask questions. Their arrogance is frightening. What sort of world are we creating?
Moan over, let’s move on to something constructive.
We don’t have a car industry. It became a guide to British industry. If it works we sell it. (not sure that our car industry ever did work, but the idea suffices) We now have foreign-owned firms using our capable and compliant work-force building good (cars) many of which are exported.
Woe are us. We are merely wage slaves. The Chancellor hasn’t got any money. Why? Because they allowed inward investment.
There are other ways to live.
We could assume that none of us need to work. We have the money. Well we would have the money of if we screwed more cash out of these foreign company owners.
Our function is to be consumers. We buy stuff and that helps the world go round. In addition we can use our spare time to design and innovate. Eliminate poverty and people become more useful. They come up with ideas. That’s what triggers progress.
We don’t own a car industry. That’s accepted. Shall we encourage large car manufacturers to come here, to exploit our workers? Should our government be offering incentives to employ our workforce?
I think not. There is a visionary alternative. Who needs cars anyway? At least the speed-obsessed pollutants we now call cars. Let’s look forward instead. We now need to get from place to place. How do we do that?
The electric wheelchair is the answer. Now called a self-drive pod. We should invest in battery technology – they need to be much smaller, or different (I’m not her to design the machines of the future but to suggest ways that will work).
Imagine we all have a personal machine (PM). It is a movable marvel that comes with many extras (imagine a trailer loaded with juvenile detritus). It can get about on its own, perhaps 10-15 miles at 10mph max. It’s the only vehicle allowed in towns and cities.
It can link to another PM, and with others join together to a power source, that can travel faster, go further. Computer-controlled it is the building block that can create coaches, trains, even aircraft so we can get from place to place.
The joy for the UK, often the world innovator, is that we will have a head start. The rest of Europe can argue about making infernal combustion engines. We will have flexibility.
As we no longer work (in the presently-accepted sense) kids can be sent to school in their locked pods, goods sent across the world, whilst we decide to have a picnic somewhere.
Break away – join me in utopia.