Sizewell C: first thoughts

I wrote about the new Sizewell way back in the year. There was a Consultation Document – since then – nothing. What is happening now? It’s time to ask.

Two reactors in Suffolk, planned.

Consultation document allows us to respond until 3rd February 2017. It is produced by EDF the chosen contractor, which is an unusual step for a building project. I’ve not seen any information from the client.

Thorium Update 1

You may recall a short piece about the use of Thorium as low-radiation risk nuclear fuel, see  Its use is advocated by many countries, so I asked Dr Therese Coffey MP, my local Member of Parliament, for an opinion.

National Nuclear LaboratoryVery quickly she has replied, saying that the government needs to explore all he options, and had asked the NNL, National Nuclear Laboratory, to consider the use of Thorium.

They suggest that Thorium is of only limited use in the UK but within the report there are few, if any, substantive reasons to support their opinions.

The letter suggests that the NNL estimate 10-15 years of research, and that it is unlikely to be relevant to Sizewell C.

There are a number of organisations worldwide who hold opposing views to the NNL. I’m passing on the information gained so far, and asking for opinions.

What do you think?

Dr Therese Coffey MP

Dr Therese Coffey MP

I must thank Dr Coffey for her immediate response to this interesting question.

Energy is a huge question. I looked at the work of Nicola Tesla, whose pioneering work in electricity poses more questions in a recent blog: Limitless Energy