State of Mexico

If I was in Donald Trump’s position I would not build a wall. At least not build that wall across the great divide that separates Mexico from the USA. That border is 1,952 miles long

Go south young man, to the much shorter border between Guatemala, just 541 miles and Belize, a mere 151 miles. It makes a much more natural border, one that will remove much of the present conflict.

Mexico has problems policing its criminals. Corruption is rife. It not a pleasant situation for the 120 million inhabitants. Many now seek to move north, into the USA. Who can blame them? Trump recognises the dangers of allowing such a mass immigration. He fails to comprehend that most USA citizens are migrants, or that his own mother was an illegal entrant. That’s not that important now. They are here in the USA. The trick is to stop any more, especially as the need for cheap labour lessens as robots take over menial tasks, and become much more involved in our daily lives.

Allowing Mexico to become an associated State of the USA will solve many problems. It has a similar form of government, and could easily be modified to suit the USA. Much of the present defence spending of the USA could be reduced, or moved across to deal with drugs and public unrest. Over 80,000 people have been killed through drug wars. Tackling that will help settle the unrest within the USA.

There are problems. Mexico speaks Spanish it also has a catholic propensity to breed. Adding Mexico to the pile would mean that Spanish became the majority language. That would need to be challenged. Not impossible. It could be done, leaving the English language as a dominant force.

The amalgamation would bring many advantages. Mexico is 14th richest country in the world. It’s alternative energy sources are dominant. Biodiversity is wonderful, and even the government has recognised that felling trees is a bad idea. Allowing its residents to be part of the USA will remove much of the present tension.

This is the time to consider radical change. If Trump really wants to change the world, to make a better place, then Mexico is a good place to start. This need not be a military invasion. That can just hover in the background. Social integration can provide the key. The USA can offer a better future to Mexican citizens. In so doing it will encourage world peace.

It’s time to try.