Selling England

Keep Calm, Start a RvolutionOne of the unforeseen results of Brexit is now beginning to raise its ugly head. We are now very vulnerable. The rich boy team led by Cameron made a virtue of inward investment. A slightly mad version of economics that relied upon globalisation as its major tenet.

Now over a quarter of large UK companies are foreign owned. It’s suggested that these companies assist the British economy. Unfortunately these benefits are too often outweighed by loss of control, and reduced local influence. Short-term gain to get an ailing administration out of trouble brings small advantage to our national wealth.

One horrible example is the sale of Cadburys to the USA. Manufacturing has been transferred to other countries, which are cheaper. The products have been changed beyond recognition, and do not suit British taste. People have lost their jobs and it is estimated that over £4.5 billion has been sold in UK but no significant tax has been paid.

All this shows a disregard for the UK as a nation state. Those in charge are solely interested in feathering their own nests. As a nation we are now clearly in the last vestiges of Empire. Our ability to manipulate and control over one third of the world has disappeared. Leaving Europe we will, in effect, lose even more control. Our voice will just shout in the wilderness.

You can see that effect already. The BBC covers US news stories with relish. Europe is barely mentioned, and the rest of the world must have a major disaster to merit a mention. Yet we remain at war. How many of us know what our real expenditure on defence is? How does killing innocents in Syria help defend our shores? What’s the social and economic benefit to the UK citizenry?

I’ll think of something nice to say next time. Until then; remember to vote at the elections. I’d urge you to vote against any party presently holding power. We have become complacent, resigned to believing there is nothing we can do. That’s not true, but there are many challenges ahead. The USA remains a major threat, automation will take many jobs, our tax system is not covering all the population, corruption is getting worse, crime is rising, and I’m on a diet! The latter is why I’m feeling miserable this morning..

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