Scottish Independence

InequalityIt’s been over 300 hundred years since we joined together and accepted a Scottish King – even though the country went through tough times, and we ended up with a Hanoverian but this is not the time to split.

How about a compromise? There’s always been inequality” The Anglo-Saxons chased the Celts out of England, so they went to Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Plundering Vikings disrupted all our worlds then we were harried by the French, the Dutch and twice by the Germans – an upstart remnant of the Prussian-Hungarian Empire.

Throughout royal families maintained control. Now we are threatened by strange folk from overseas. Despite my attempts at reconciliation the USA will not rejoin the Commonwealth, where they will enjoy companionship and fellowship and not have to keep telling the rest of us how wonderful they are. The threat of multinational companies and the Australian media-maniac remain ever-present. Our nation state is in peril, and the Vicar’s Daughter is no match for these despicable felons.

It’s time for compromise. England is big when compared to Ireland,Scotland and Wales. It has about 55 million souls with the little folk only having about 5 million each.

My plan is to break-up England. To create a new form of federal state. Years ago the Vikings invaded and took over East Anglia, and Northumbria, which then included Yorkshire, becoming Daneland These units had some substance. They could now be the building blocks of a new sovereign state made up of several independent units of approximately equal size.  Wessex stood up  well to the Vikings, so they must be the first to join. East Anglia and Mercia come next, with London also standing alone, it’s now big enough. The northern wastelands (forgive my Anglian bias) could also create independent units. Northumbria (added to Cumbria)n could create a solid defence with Scotland. Yorkshire once had it’s own region, so it could again, and the Manchester area could also be independent.

These new regions could meet occasionally to settle national budgets, perhaps for defence – by which I mean defence and not attack. Jaw-jaw not war-war to be the new strategy. Costa Rica abandoned its army in 1929, and is now recognised as one the happiest places in the world, alone with Denmark. We need to earn lessons, and stop believing we, and the USA, know best.

The size of each new region will be decided upon demographic and economic criteria with each citizen  becoming shareholders in their region, and sharing in the political and economic decisions that need to be made, and the profits.

We have given to much power to a few, often incompetent, folk.

Despite the attacks upon the democratic process the referendum system is very good at revealing what the people feel. Our problem is we need more practice, and we must modify our representative government so that the citizen feels more involved.

At present we allow external powers to unduly influence our decisions makers – whoever they may be.

Let’s start a quiet revolution.


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