A selection of chats: [sdy_pl playlist]

My Bubble – is not the same as your bubble.

Two Sisters Community Arts Centre opens in Trimley, Suffolk

Conflict: a quiet look

Book publishing: one of a series – perhaps

Looking after yourself – this will be a series, one day!

Disparities in our world: the young and the old are pushed to one side.

Nuclear power station planned for Suffolk – 3 part critique

Invited to a conference with young and old folk, in Ipswich

Day after we voted to leave EU: this chat is about land use!

Cows milk is not good for humans: a discussion.

A poem by Sue Thomas (I know that person!)

Greece and the EU: a few comments

They were going to build a distribution Centre in Felixstowe – I made suggestions – all of which we ignored.

New Year 2015