Aside: Passwords

Will somebody do something about passwords? I spend too much of my life adding the damn things on the Internet, then forgetting what I’ve written, then waiting for an email (that doesn’t always arrive) to reset my password. On one site this week I changed my password seven (7) times and yet it still refused to allow me access.

It’s driving me mad. Surely there is a better way?

I’ve since been told, by my friend Phil Ashby, that the National Cyber Security Centre has information about passwords:

  1. Granddad Trevor Lockwood 2:17
  2. Film theatres Trevor Lockwood 3:57
  3. Community Trevor Lockwood 10:32
  4. Coton Water Jan Candy, Trevor Lockwood 15:00
  5. Conflict Trevor Lockwood 12:40
  6. What we are Trevor Lockwood 6:28
  7. ebooks_mixdown 3:17
  8. jenner 8:32

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