Once Again

You could say ‘I’m back’. Truth is I’ve not really been away. There’s been quiet disillusion in my brain that’s taken a little to overcome.

Let’s look at the causes of my disappointment. Theresa May and her disjointed administration are clearly of concern. Just where are they taking this country, and why? In a inglorious and unnecessary series of painful blunders Hammond, the Chancellor is attempting to destroy the fabric of this country by attempting to save money.

That no money has been saved seems irrelevant to this man, whom I suspect is no more than power-crazy. He wants to hurt us, professing it is necessary for our own good. Rubbish. They managed to find over £400 billion for quantitative easing – a technical term for devaluation. Clearly he liked seeing house prices rocket, homeless people sleeping in the street, and all of us without much in the way of spare cash to spend.

We’d get better treatment from a dominatrix. I wonder if that’s what he would really like as a job?

The slow destruction of our valued public services; from potholes left gaping to over-stressed NHS staff; to the bungling of Brexit that will lad to USA rubbish arriving in our country, does nothing to inspire confidence.

I’m concerned that people no longer complain about anything. We are complacent and compliant. Like sperm counts in younger men we have been chemically reduced, but I’m sure it helps the economy.

Work and profit are the watchwords of this government. Nothing else seems to matter. Our children are made to undergo a restricted education, then to pay for a degree course. We still spend huge amounts on defence, whatever that’s supposed to mean apart from wasting money on equipment, armaments and personnel to kill innocent civilians in parts of the world where we should just leave well alone. How would we feel if Afghans started to bomb London?

It’s all getting far too global. Who are we helping? Not ourselves. Brexit is only really important for a small minority of British people. We should be investing much more time and energy in ensuring that we can produce, for ourselves, what we need. Stop selling our assets to foreigners. When did foreigners become more important than British people?

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