New Horizon

medical robotA momentous day. The United Kingdom asks (with cap in hand) that it can leave school. Fees have been paid for years, but the administrators are suggesting that we still owe them money. All very strange.

We need a political system that does not allow a small cartel of privileged folk to take control. How did Teresa May become Prime Minister? It’s unlikely that she was chosen for her inspired thinking. She has a long history of sitting on the fence. She’s been a right place, right time person. Don’t rock the boat, keep your head down until the way ahead looks clear. In the meantime she’s bought herself another pair of shoes, or allowed a fashion designer to use her slim body as a clothes peg.

Our politicians and media can’t see much beyond the end of their noses. Lives are spent in panic. What will happen next. Disaster, disaster, don’t take considered action – just react.

One huge question that’s not been mentioned lately is the continuing use of automation. Robots are much better at practically everything. It’s true that care must be taken in programming but if each action is considered carefully most jobs can be performed much better by robots.

That’s not just those nodding donkeys found in car factories. They do very well, working continuously, never going on strike and Moores Law ensures that get cheaper every year. Lawyers and doctors, and other professionals, are also at risk. The electronic mind is always aware of the latest discovery. Who needs a lawyer that cannot access all the case law, instantly and then find suitable answers? The same goes for doctors. At present GPs sit at a desk, computer before them, with five minutes to give to each patient, and an blank pad of prescriptions. A virtual examination – with all tests performed by machines – will be far more accurate, and possibly less influenced by the drug company sales team promising treatments and bonus holidays for frequent use.

We need to start planning for a world without work. Our economic system is seriously flawed, relying upon cheap labour and consumers. Let the machines do the work.

We can spend our time on more creative tasks. My current favourites are an artist Lois Cordelia,, Music in Felixstowe run by Hattie Bennet and craft experts like Stuart Gillett of New Cover Upholstery an inspired man.

The money is about. What we need now is a peaceful revolution to tear it away from the non-creators who rely upon copyright, and other devices.

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