Suffolk Land Grab

Trinity College, Cambridge is a great educational establishment, it is also a very successful land developer.

In Suffolk, on the Colneis Peninsular in 1933 it bought nearly 4,000 acres of agricultural land, paying about £14 an acre. Land described by William Cobbett in 1820 as the finest land he’d found in the whole country. That land is now worth a fortune, particularly when used for housing development.

Every ten years Trinity College submits a planning application. This time it wants to build 2,000 new homes. These will be on a crowded peninsular which has only one road (A14) to serve the local people (about 35,000, and Felixstowe Port, which handles about 3.5 million containers a year, most transported by road – along the A14!

A local group met last night to put pressure on the local Council, Suffolk Coastal District to reject this proposal. They have a consultation document you can complete.Join to help fight this proposal.

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