Weekly Moan

Doesn’t time fly – and I’ve not been well. Busy day today, Had breakfast, put first load of washing in machine. Discovered that a similar version of my little hovel was on the market for over twice the price. No idea why. Estate agents suggest it’s in a better area. That’s not true: they may have a convent up the road, but we have a Catholic Church, a restaurant, and a wine bar just 200 metres away. They have a long uphill walk into town, and it’s on a main road.

Never mind. I pumped up air on car tyres, checked oil and water. I know there’s a brake bulb blown but that will have to wait until the car is serviced next week.

Joy of joys. I bought a replacement key for my Smart car on eBay. It was quite simple to split the old key apart, clip one piece of the new key into place, and, bingo, I’d saved £200, that’s what Mercedes Benz had wanted to charge me. To make life really sweet I went to see the Parts Department at the local Mercedes-Benz garage, and they have repaid the £70 deposit I’d paid way back in August.

Second lot of washing is about to go on. Just discovered that the ‘Vanish’ stain remover I often use (blackberry juice this time) have another product; deep clean carpet cleaner – I have two bottles, that I’ve been using as clothes cleaner. Ah well/ Probably shouldn’t use either as they may be pollutants.

Trimmed back the plants outside my door as a neighbour had complained. Without moaning about it really being the gardener’s job I had snipped the heads off the offenders within seconds of receiving the complaint. Trouble with old ladies is they have short-term memory loss. No doubt she’ll remember my groping her at a dance forty years ago. That’s why I will not stand a chance of working for Donald Trump.

That’s a relief!

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