Jeremy Corbyn

Our mainstream Press and broadcast channels are frightened. Every day they unearth a story about Corbyn, most of which is untrue.

Why this bias?

Several reasons: our Press are foreign-owned. The owner of the Daily Mail – which doesn’t deserve to be called a newspaper is owned by a 30-yr-old billionaire who doesn’t live in the UK, nor does he pay taxes in our country.

A socialist government has tended to produce policies that benefit the people. Bad news for the rulers, who want to dominate and subjugate the majority. How can our world accept that ten people have the same money as Three Billion? It’s unacceptable.

Over the last years, since 1979 when Thatcher came to power, we have seen the steady erosion of our rights. Thatcher started the process, pretending to sell us national utilities that we already owned. Speculators seized opportunities and now most of our national assets are foreign owned, and we are exploited daily.

I keep saying, ‘I’m glad I’m old’ but I have children and gradnchildren. When will they revolt against this ghastly regime?

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