Suffolk Land Grab

Trinity College, Cambridge is a great educational establishment, it is also a very successful land developer.

In Suffolk, on the Colneis Peninsular in 1933 it bought nearly 4,000 acres of agricultural land, paying about £14 an acre. Land described by William Cobbett in 1820 as the finest land he’d found in the whole country. That land is now worth a fortune, particularly when used for housing development.

Every ten years Trinity College submits a planning application. This time it wants to build 2,000 new homes. These will be on a crowded peninsular which has only one road (A14) to serve the local people (about 35,000, and Felixstowe Port, which handles about 3.5 million containers a year, most transported by road – along the A14!

A local group met last night to put pressure on the local Council, Suffolk Coastal District to reject this proposal. They have a consultation document you can complete.Join to help fight this proposal.

State of Mexico

If I was in Donald Trump’s position I would not build a wall. At least not build that wall across the great divide that separates Mexico from the USA. That border is 1,952 miles long

Go south young man, to the much shorter border between Guatemala, just 541 miles and Belize, a mere 151 miles. It makes a much more natural border, one that will remove much of the present conflict.

Mexico has problems policing its criminals. Corruption is rife. It not a pleasant situation for the 120 million inhabitants. Many now seek to move north, into the USA. Who can blame them? Trump recognises the dangers of allowing such a mass immigration. He fails to comprehend that most USA citizens are migrants, or that his own mother was an illegal entrant. That’s not that important now. They are here in the USA. The trick is to stop any more, especially as the need for cheap labour lessens as robots take over menial tasks, and become much more involved in our daily lives.

Allowing Mexico to become an associated State of the USA will solve many problems. It has a similar form of government, and could easily be modified to suit the USA. Much of the present defence spending of the USA could be reduced, or moved across to deal with drugs and public unrest. Over 80,000 people have been killed through drug wars. Tackling that will help settle the unrest within the USA.

There are problems. Mexico speaks Spanish it also has a catholic propensity to breed. Adding Mexico to the pile would mean that Spanish became the majority language. That would need to be challenged. Not impossible. It could be done, leaving the English language as a dominant force.

The amalgamation would bring many advantages. Mexico is 14th richest country in the world. It’s alternative energy sources are dominant. Biodiversity is wonderful, and even the government has recognised that felling trees is a bad idea. Allowing its residents to be part of the USA will remove much of the present tension.

This is the time to consider radical change. If Trump really wants to change the world, to make a better place, then Mexico is a good place to start. This need not be a military invasion. That can just hover in the background. Social integration can provide the key. The USA can offer a better future to Mexican citizens. In so doing it will encourage world peace.

It’s time to try.

Where are we Going?

One of the benefits of old age is that you no longer have really care. It’s a time to be dispassionate about the troubles of the world. In a foreseeable future we will no longer be here.

It’s a good time to tell the truth. In my town we have the largest port in the country. Last month they installed two cranes, this month they are taking delivery of eight contraptions that will trundle containers around the port. These all operate automatically. What will happen to the workers who operate these machines? They will disappear.

Nobody has mentioned the consequences of such robots arriving.

Yesterday I was urged to use a self-service checkout at a supermarket. The staff member, a lovely lady who needs her job, doesn’t realise that it may soon disappear.

The United Kingdom is getting more obese by the day. Look on the shelves of supermarkets. Food is a rare commodity. Processed food, with added value, now occupies most of the shelves.

Personally I’ve joined a slimming course. I just need to lose 100 pounds! I’m dismayed by the remarks of my fellow fatties; ‘I can’t do without something sweet’; ‘McDonalds do offer healthy options’; ‘I love pizzas’. So it goes on. They respond to advertising. None of them like cooking. Many watch celebrity chefs on the box. They all feel sorry for themselves, and are keen to place blame for their grossness elsewhere.

The power of advertising.

With March 2019 we will (apparently) leave the EU.The USA is poised to take over our agriculture and our health care.


USA Import tariffs

President Trump is playing a simple game, unfortunately there will be consequences. Looking back over his business career he’s not been too successful, there are a large number of failures. In business they can be regarded as normal, particularly if you are a large client.

As a national President he’s playing a dangerous game. Europe is larger than the USA, Chine is much larger, and don’t forget all the others, including India and the whole of South America, let alone the Commonwealth countries.

The USA may see itself as the major global player. It may get a shock. This could be the start of the end of US domination. There’s been tolerance of this ‘Johnny Come Lately’ but the worm will turn

We must wait for the measured responses that must arrive. They may not be obviously confrontational, but will show a growing resistance to US pressure.

Dangerously this Trump exercise could just be a bluff. For the UK the major markets that the USA wants to exploit are agriculture and health. We must vigorously resist such incursions. Our food is, by and large, wholesome and free from chemicals. US products are not so perfect. The NHS is sacrosanct, even if our present government believes it can be fragmented to allow private industry to grab attractive slices. Most UK citizens would baulk at the idea of an American style free access health-care.

This may be a time when the EU shows it has guts. It needs to fight back. Take USA out of the market and there’s still huge opportunities. Sanctions could, perhaps should, be imposed on the USA. It would be good to see a few bloody noses but that’s not what global trade is about.

It’s time to be more inward looking. To care more about this country.

USA and Europe to join the Commonwealth

It’s easy to be proud, even complacent about our nation. Not that we do that very often in England. Recent decades have seen us far more worried about integrating new arrivals and creating linkages with others.

It was disappointing to see that we may not be so involved with some European projects – like Gaia a fantastic telescope, created by the European Space Agency, Gaia is an ambitious mission to chart a three-dimensional map of our Galaxy, the Milky Way, in the process revealing the composition, formation and evolution of the Galaxy. Gaia will provide unprecedented positional measurements for about one billion stars – about 1 per cent of the Galactic stellar population – in our Galaxy and Local Group, together with radial velocity measurements for the brightest 150 million objects.

This week it has displayed some of its first results. A 3-D map of the Milky Way, which is already revealing new information. Next week, on 25th April, the second batch of data will be released.

What I love about this sort of science is not that it’s immediately pundered and exploited for personal (or company) gain. It is widely available, for everyone to use.

This last weekend has seen the marriage between our Prince Harry and Megan Markle (now the Duchess of Sussex), a US citizen with multi-racial ancestry.

There’s one enormous suggestion I’d like to make: that the USA make Prince Harry a US citizen, and then creates a monarchy, using this Prince and his Duchess as the start of a dynasty.

The USA is inherently unstable. It’s not a happy country. Many reasons for that, but it’s dependence upon personal wealth has been a contributing factor, and respectable role models have been sadly lacking.

Our Royal Family has a history, but it has also adapted to a modern world. Using this model we could move forward to a time of peace and prosperity. A significant choice is that the Royal couple did not invite any politicians to the ceremony. They know that egos get in the way of history. They were not needed.

Can we forget 1776, when the French colluded with renegade settlers to push out a German king? We have Commonwealth of some 57 countries, each ethnically diverse. Let’s welcome the United States of America into our club, and show their people there is a better way to love.

Selling England

Keep Calm, Start a RvolutionOne of the unforeseen results of Brexit is now beginning to raise its ugly head. We are now very vulnerable. The rich boy team led by Cameron made a virtue of inward investment. A slightly mad version of economics that relied upon globalisation as its major tenet.

Now over a quarter of large UK companies are foreign owned. It’s suggested that these companies assist the British economy. Unfortunately these benefits are too often outweighed by loss of control, and reduced local influence. Short-term gain to get an ailing administration out of trouble brings small advantage to our national wealth.

One horrible example is the sale of Cadburys to the USA. Manufacturing has been transferred to other countries, which are cheaper. The products have been changed beyond recognition, and do not suit British taste. People have lost their jobs and it is estimated that over £4.5 billion has been sold in UK but no significant tax has been paid.

All this shows a disregard for the UK as a nation state. Those in charge are solely interested in feathering their own nests. As a nation we are now clearly in the last vestiges of Empire. Our ability to manipulate and control over one third of the world has disappeared. Leaving Europe we will, in effect, lose even more control. Our voice will just shout in the wilderness.

You can see that effect already. The BBC covers US news stories with relish. Europe is barely mentioned, and the rest of the world must have a major disaster to merit a mention. Yet we remain at war. How many of us know what our real expenditure on defence is? How does killing innocents in Syria help defend our shores? What’s the social and economic benefit to the UK citizenry?

I’ll think of something nice to say next time. Until then; remember to vote at the elections. I’d urge you to vote against any party presently holding power. We have become complacent, resigned to believing there is nothing we can do. That’s not true, but there are many challenges ahead. The USA remains a major threat, automation will take many jobs, our tax system is not covering all the population, corruption is getting worse, crime is rising, and I’m on a diet! The latter is why I’m feeling miserable this morning..

Can it be true?

We’ve always been a submissive lot. The English peasantry has always doffed their cap at their master, allowed their lasses to be violated, and marched their sons off to war in pursuit of more greed.

It’s getting more difficult for the ruling class to get away with lies and deceit, but that doesn’t stop them trying. Invariably they win.

There’s two, if not more, tiers in our society now. Our politicians are worried about Brexit (at its simplest). They want to sell more of our goods and services and make profits. There’s another tier that would rather we concentrated on looking after ourselves first. We should be making our people comfortable, ensuring they are provided with the goods and services they need.

When did you see Welsh lamb in the shops at a decent price? Seems that most is sent abroad, often as live animals, to be subjected to inhumane practices. In East Anglia the large estate owners are prepared to export 300,000 tonnes of grain abroad. We have sold off most of this country’s treasures (I mean industries) in the vain belief that we need inward investment, failing to understand that means outward profit and loss of control.

We live in a decaying Empire, and now can only expect to be plundered, not least by all those who were pillaged by ourselves over the centuries.

Nothing wrong with that. We like competition. Except we have inept leaders who remain greedy servants of those who wish to see us destroyed.

Slavery and Citizens

Just a brief thought. We seem to assume that because we are here, living and resident, that we should also be citizens.

That’s not always been the case. Perhaps there’s room for discussion about the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen.


Film Theatre

Went to the local Ipswich Film Theatre to see Alone in Germany a moving film (read the Wikipedia link for the plot of this true story.

Emma Thomson plays the wife – convincingly.

I found parallels in this harrowing tale with the world we are now creating.