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NY4U book coverNY4U is a new approach to learning a language. Designed to help visitors to understand the language of the streets of New York it describes 250 idioms, everyday phrases and sayings, used by New Yorkers. Putting these into sentences that reinforce understanding. Answers to all the questions are provided.

Many students arrive in New York every year, and too many fail because they have not been taught these idioms. This ebook will help. Written by an experienced teacher of English who has worked with students in New York for many years we know this will become essential reading.

More titles will follow, each covering particular sectors of all our lives.

Students will need this ebook, but all visitors to New York will find it helps them to understand what New Yorkers are saying!

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Sometimes a project will fire your imagination. I’ve just started one which we are calling Eng-Pop www.eng-pop.com.

Inspired by one of my authors, Eileen Merwin, who teaches English as a second language to students in New York. Many come from Asia and Russia and other faraway places. Most spend a lot of money to get to New York where they hope to obtain a place at a university. Eileen realised that there was a high failure rate amongst many international students in USA. It was not that they couldn’t speak English but they didn’t understand the everyday language spoken by New Yorkers. That left them isolated, unable to communicate with any fluency.

NY4USo, we decided to tackle that problem. Our first ebook NY4U deals with over 250 colloquial words and phrases. These idioms make up 80% of the street language of New York.

THINK College will answer all these questions while teaching you the real spoken language you will need. Over 80% of American English is idiomatic, filled with phrases (idioms and phrasal verbs) that native speakers use to express themselves!

With THINK College, you will be able to do more than explain to others who you are and what you need – you will be able to express yourself with language to which native speakers will emotionally respond. You will have the language and knowledge you need to make friends, earn credits and progress toward graduation.

THINK College is the result of over 40 years of experience with real students. After years of telling students what they “really need to know” because textbooks don’t have the answers, we decided to provide our insider information to you, so you will be prepared and succeed in college.

Our second ebook is THINK College with words that students will need to know and use when they go to College.
Think College

At Eng-Pop we are making daily improvements. A new membership section is planned, and our latest project is ‘How to Write a Cover Letter the letter sent with a job application and the resume (or CV).

As a student in a foreign land, especially bustling cities such as New York and London life can be very difficult. We started with New York, and the next stage is to cover London: different English, different idioms, another world.

If our students can’t improve by using our ebooks, audio and video, and online learning materials we will be disappointed.

We hope to make their lives a little easier, and give them a push that will set them off on their lives.

Eileen Merwin: author, teacher, mentor

Eileen’s books include: Daughter Dedannan and the Cauldron of Undry, a wonderful fictional journey through Irish folklore. In the misty twilight between ancient Irish history and legend, emerged a tribe who surpassed all others in the arts of music, medicine, magic and war, but not until the return of the Daughter Dedannan, can these mystical warriors master the art of peace. On the eve of Samhain in the year 995 AD, a young girl ventures out never to return to the simple pleasures of her solitary life on a hillside in Sligo. Instead she is swept away to the Other Side where mythical gods lead the way to Tara, the ancient capital of Ireland, where generations of her ancestors feast at the same table. For the follower of Irish ways, folklorist and pagan alike, this story of Dagda and Danu, myth and reality, will strike a chord where the worlds of dream and waking reverberate, and all dimensions converge. Buy it from Amazon


Wolf Wolf: Set in the southern Vermont town of West Raven, WOLF tells the parallel tales of two teens: Adam Pierce, up for the summer from NYC to work for an uncle who sells parts from the hundred or so junked cars that litter his property, and Shane Sewill, a neighbor who works a dead-end job at the local bottle redemption store. However, not until the appearance of Adam’s father, a Gulf War Vet whose spirit dwells in a junked van, and a mystical wolf-dog can their stalled lives be jump-started into movement. Hard Rock and Heavy Metal draw together both the living and the dead in this tale of ghosts encountered and spirits set free. Buy from Amazon

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English for international travellers

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Cover Letter Part 2 by Trevor Lockwood

Who are you? Talk about yourself in the cover letter when applying for a job http://www.eng-pop.com/about/first-question-writing-cover-letter/

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Cover Letter Part Two

Let me ask you a question. What is the cover letter about? If you said, "Of course, that's obvious, the cover letter is about the job!" Then I disagree, first and foremost the cover letter is about you.

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THINK College

Where British and American English meet!

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Think College Introduction by Trevor Lockwood

Going to College in the USA? Learn to speak the language of the streets.

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NY4U in New York

New York for YOU!

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A Blind Man in the Land of Zen

A print version: ISBN 978-1-909296-18-3, an ebook and an audiobook of Steve Hobson's book is now available. Steve Hobson went blind about eight years ago. In adapting to his new life, he searched for a retreat, somewhere quiet and peaceful that would allow him to relax.

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BBC in a Digital Age

Years ago I sat on a government committee that looked at the archiving of digital material. Even then, in the early 90s, it was obvious that much of our society's records would be in digital format. What to keep, and in what format? Two simple questions but they have never been adequately answered.

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Saint Barbara

It is time to think about the yearly celebrations. On 4th December we celebrate the life of Saint Barbara, patron of U.S. Army Field Artillery. Barbara lived in the 4th century and brought up as a heathen. A tyrannical father, Dioscorus, had kept her jealously secluded in a lonely tower which he had built for that purpose.