Another week

Does the world improve? In some ways perhaps: Kenya has banned the use of plastic bags. Well done. An Indian guru has been convicted of raping two women: that shows the gvernment has teeth. They now plan to take over his 1,000 acre estate to recover funds to pay for the damage his supporters have caused. Religion causes terrible suffering at times. In South Africa we are reminded of our past: cannibalism is still about, suggesting to the ignorant that they will gain strength from eating human flesh.

A hurricane devastates parts of the USA. Wooden buildings and telephone and electricity poles are strewn all over the place. This trash is preventable. They should place services underground and build in other materials. Who am I to question the naive belief in market forces? It’s cheaper to do it that way.

Creative Arts Centre

Founders Creative Arts TrustI’m excited. Three, if not five, lovely ladies from our peninsular have just launched the Creative Arts Trust. It will be based at the redundant St Mary’s Church at Trimley, Suffolk – that;s one of the two churches that stand side by side opposite the Welcome Hall in Trimley.

This area has long needed a community arts centre. There have been plans, always thwarted, but these wonderful people have pushed on to make a project that I know will be worthwhile.

Trimley Council own a field close by, that is used for allotrments. Perhaps part will be released for parking as this centre becomes well-known and popular.

Go there this weekend, there’s a bevy of events, and I’m sure the new founders will welcome your ideas and support.

Three hearty cheers!

I died in hell – they called it Passchendaele,

100 years ago – today – the start of the bloodiest battle, the third Yypre salient, started. Over the next three months about 500,000 men were killed, wounded or lost in action. It was an horrendous waste of people’s lives. Together with the other casualties of the Great War it changed our worlds. Talent was lost. Families were left distraught.

Yet our Minister for Defence was on the TV last month saying, ‘in two years we shall be ready for war with Russia’ Why?

The Future

Two groups got together, in Ipswich, to discus the future. Nobody knew anyone else. One group were teenagers, that was all that distinguished them from the second bunch, who were all over 65 years of age. There were about 30 of us in all, led by Annette and Mark.

It was an interesting and worthwhile experience – that is being repeated elsewhere, and should be developed further. Several members noted it was useful because they never had the chance to talk to folk of a different generation.

Hopefully this was just the start – there will be more, one day.

Diversity A Word of the Week: I look at a difficult world that is often bandied about – but what does it mean, how does it improve our society.

Oh dear – let’s have a poem about ‘Green’.

Then, what does it mean to be British? Why isn’t East Anglia regarded as a separate entity – like Wales?

There’s more – just listen.


APE moneyIt occurred to me that I’ve been publishing books for 25 years so perhaps it was time to record some of that work. It’s always been fun, rarely have I considered the financial possibilities, so they have never arisen. The poor tax-man has never made anything out of me, and the whole exercise has drained most of my cash.