Vicar’s Daughter has failed

We are all bored by the arguments within the Cabinet, and elsewhere, about Brexit. The current policy (if one exists) is looking in the wrong direction.

Nation State

The UK remains a class-ridden society. Those concerned with our future relationship with Europe tend to be those with investments or interests abroad. For most of us Europe is a great place for a holiday, if we can overcome the avaricious demands of budget airlines.

Our real concerns are with this country. Our government and the hedge fund man who shares the Vicar”s Daughter’s bed don’t think the same way. They want profit, from wherever it can be found.

It’s hard to buy British lamb because most is sent abroad, some still on the hoof, which is inexcusable for an animal-loving country like Britain. About half of UK businesses are now foreign owned, and we allow multi-nationals to take our money then craftily  base themselves in Eire (or elsewhere) and pay no tax in the UK. What’s the government doing about that? Cadburys was sold to a US company, who have changed the products, taken well over four billion abroad, yet failed to pay any UK tax. It’s a travesty.

What must be done now

Britain first. Let’s get our own house in order before we worry about the demands of others. We have enough folk to cope. What’s lacking is motivation. This government, controlled by a parsimonious Chancellor, led by a submissive woman who has achieved success by keeping her head down and avoiding conflict. We don’t need her now. We need strong leadership, with a clear vision of the future.

Unfortunately we don’t have a politician with those abilities.

Where are we Going?

One of the benefits of old age is that you no longer have really care. It’s a time to be dispassionate about the troubles of the world. In a foreseeable future we will no longer be here.

It’s a good time to tell the truth. In my town we have the largest port in the country. Last month they installed two cranes, this month they are taking delivery of eight contraptions that will trundle containers around the port. These all operate automatically. What will happen to the workers who operate these machines? They will disappear.

Nobody has mentioned the consequences of such robots arriving.

Yesterday I was urged to use a self-service checkout at a supermarket. The staff member, a lovely lady who needs her job, doesn’t realise that it may soon disappear.

The United Kingdom is getting more obese by the day. Look on the shelves of supermarkets. Food is a rare commodity. Processed food, with added value, now occupies most of the shelves.

Personally I’ve joined a slimming course. I just need to lose 100 pounds! I’m dismayed by the remarks of my fellow fatties; ‘I can’t do without something sweet’; ‘McDonalds do offer healthy options’; ‘I love pizzas’. So it goes on. They respond to advertising. None of them like cooking. Many watch celebrity chefs on the box. They all feel sorry for themselves, and are keen to place blame for their grossness elsewhere.

The power of advertising.

With March 2019 we will (apparently) leave the EU.The USA is poised to take over our agriculture and our health care.


USA Import tariffs

President Trump is playing a simple game, unfortunately there will be consequences. Looking back over his business career he’s not been too successful, there are a large number of failures. In business they can be regarded as normal, particularly if you are a large client.

As a national President he’s playing a dangerous game. Europe is larger than the USA, Chine is much larger, and don’t forget all the others, including India and the whole of South America, let alone the Commonwealth countries.

The USA may see itself as the major global player. It may get a shock. This could be the start of the end of US domination. There’s been tolerance of this ‘Johnny Come Lately’ but the worm will turn

We must wait for the measured responses that must arrive. They may not be obviously confrontational, but will show a growing resistance to US pressure.

Dangerously this Trump exercise could just be a bluff. For the UK the major markets that the USA wants to exploit are agriculture and health. We must vigorously resist such incursions. Our food is, by and large, wholesome and free from chemicals. US products are not so perfect. The NHS is sacrosanct, even if our present government believes it can be fragmented to allow private industry to grab attractive slices. Most UK citizens would baulk at the idea of an American style free access health-care.

This may be a time when the EU shows it has guts. It needs to fight back. Take USA out of the market and there’s still huge opportunities. Sanctions could, perhaps should, be imposed on the USA. It would be good to see a few bloody noses but that’s not what global trade is about.

It’s time to be more inward looking. To care more about this country.

Daily Express newspaper?

A look at the Daily Express website ( and all looks well. There’s a good range of reports, covering a number of topics. Look closely and you begin to see selectivity at work: yesterday 30th May 2018 the lead article was about cold-callers. It announced that the government were going to look at this menace, but no legislation was immediately planned. The front page picture showed a family of 20 children, with another on the way. Prodigious effort or not helping the over-population problem? The paper makes no comment.

Are these news? In both cases they are about to happen. News? I’m not sure. The rest of the paper is a mixture of tittle-tattle, mostly about celebrities, and sport. British people love sport, and they will pay for the privilege of seeing stars perform: very few are British, it’s rare for a footballer to have been born in this country, let alone in the town or city he is alleged to represent. Isn’t that something of a Pound Drain? They take our money back to their own countries. In Rwanda they are suggesting that Arsenal should carry their logo and are willing to pay for that dubious privilege, so something will come back, perhaps.

Should the ‘red top’ newspapers (and the Daily Mail) be allowed to use the name newspaper? It’s questionable.

I went to the Suffolk Show yesterday It’s always a nostalgic visit. The machines get bigger, especially the crop sprayers which have killed too many insects. I never have to clean my car windscreen these days. It’s dreadful destruction, and farmers now make money from oil seed rape, the bright yellow splahed all over our rolling Suffolk countryside.

Thunderstorms promised today, although they tend to miss our peninsular.

Once Again

You could say ‘I’m back’. Truth is I’ve not really been away. There’s been quiet disillusion in my brain that’s taken a little to overcome.

Let’s look at the causes of my disappointment. Theresa May and her disjointed administration are clearly of concern. Just where are they taking this country, and why? In a inglorious and unnecessary series of painful blunders Hammond, the Chancellor is attempting to destroy the fabric of this country by attempting to save money.

That no money has been saved seems irrelevant to this man, whom I suspect is no more than power-crazy. He wants to hurt us, professing it is necessary for our own good. Rubbish. They managed to find over £400 billion for quantitative easing – a technical term for devaluation. Clearly he liked seeing house prices rocket, homeless people sleeping in the street, and all of us without much in the way of spare cash to spend.

We’d get better treatment from a dominatrix. I wonder if that’s what he would really like as a job?

The slow destruction of our valued public services; from potholes left gaping to over-stressed NHS staff; to the bungling of Brexit that will lad to USA rubbish arriving in our country, does nothing to inspire confidence.

I’m concerned that people no longer complain about anything. We are complacent and compliant. Like sperm counts in younger men we have been chemically reduced, but I’m sure it helps the economy.

Work and profit are the watchwords of this government. Nothing else seems to matter. Our children are made to undergo a restricted education, then to pay for a degree course. We still spend huge amounts on defence, whatever that’s supposed to mean apart from wasting money on equipment, armaments and personnel to kill innocent civilians in parts of the world where we should just leave well alone. How would we feel if Afghans started to bomb London?

It’s all getting far too global. Who are we helping? Not ourselves. Brexit is only really important for a small minority of British people. We should be investing much more time and energy in ensuring that we can produce, for ourselves, what we need. Stop selling our assets to foreigners. When did foreigners become more important than British people?

Been a While

Here we are in 2018. How did that happen?

Too much has happened. Most of which is very boring. A man with a rug on his head has taken over USA. Our sexless Prime Minister is adamantly failing, surrounded by politicians who know she is weak, so they refuse to conform . Not least is the Health Secretary, whose made millions out of healthcare already and is intent on making more.

Now we have the government’s tame contractor going bust. They accepted every contract offered but failed to realise that they needed to make a profit to survive. Now we must wait to be told how much we have to pay for their mistakes.

Hello again. You don’t need me today. It’s all too depressing.

About me and sex statistics

Not that the audio on this page is about my sexual exploits. They are of no real interest. I start by telling you something about myself, and then lead on to chat about sex, finishing with the sexual activities (or should that be olympics) of the Emperor of China,

Do listen – it is exhausting!

Originally broadcast in an audiobook: Composting and Other Stories

Car Travel to London

I drove from my home town to Enflield, in North London, yesterday. It was an unpleasant journey. Huge lorries roaring along, often sitting inches away from the rear of my small Smart car. All very uncomfortable. Everyone wants to g faster, all are desperate to get wherever they are going. Are we making cars that accelerate too fast and not adding the cheap safety devices: cameras, mini-computers, automatic braking, that will save lives?

We are not improving the quality of our lives.

It is also apparent that we are saving money. As a result everything looks tatty. White lines are worn, the road surface is patched, looking like an old jumper on a tramp. We have quality and pride from our lives.

Failure to understand the value of quality in our lives will be our downfall.

Walk proud. Be English.

Another week

Does the world improve? In some ways perhaps: Kenya has banned the use of plastic bags. Well done. An Indian guru has been convicted of raping two women: that shows the gvernment has teeth. They now plan to take over his 1,000 acre estate to recover funds to pay for the damage his supporters have caused. Religion causes terrible suffering at times. In South Africa we are reminded of our past: cannibalism is still about, suggesting to the ignorant that they will gain strength from eating human flesh.

A hurricane devastates parts of the USA. Wooden buildings and telephone and electricity poles are strewn all over the place. This trash is preventable. They should place services underground and build in other materials. Who am I to question the naive belief in market forces? It’s cheaper to do it that way.

Colchester & Ipswich NHS trusts merger

The two NHS Board of Governors controlling Colchester Hospital University Trust and Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust decided at a joint Board Meeting held in Langham Community Centre on 24 August to work on amalgamation of the two trusts.

Choosing Langham was a good choice, it’s hard to find. Despite that a good number of people turned up. I had been led to believe that it was to be a consultation. That was not the case. However the Chairman did allow a reasonable time for people to ask questions – very few of which were answered, at least not to my satisfaction.

The proposal is to merge both hospitals. It will save money the CEO suggests, but admits they will only save by becoming more efficient, yet provides no evidence to support the idea that amalgamation will help. He also says they will spend £70 million. This is another dream. They have asked the NHS for that money, without having any guarantee that their dreams will be realised.

As for the rest of the arguments for the merger, they amounted to very little. People were living longer – so costing more. We should all die? Big organisations attract better people – so why were we persuaded that local control of trusts was a good idea?

I am not convinced they know what they are doing. I’m further convinced that Nick Hulme is not the person to manage two trusts. He has a bad track record, all within the NHS. He is no more than than a reliable sop whom NHS managers can rely upon.

These are multi-million pound organisations yet they are being managed in a very amateurish way.