Can it be true?

We’ve always been a submissive lot. The English peasantry has always doffed their cap at their master, allowed their lasses to be violated, and marched their sons off to war in pursuit of more greed.

It’s getting more difficult for the ruling class to get away with lies and deceit, but that doesn’t stop them trying. Invariably they win.

There’s two, if not more, tiers in our society now. Our politicians are worried about Brexit (at its simplest). They want to sell more of our goods and services and make profits. There’s another tier that would rather we concentrated on looking after ourselves first. We should be making our people comfortable, ensuring they are provided with the goods and services they need.

When did you see Welsh lamb in the shops at a decent price? Seems that most is sent abroad, often as live animals, to be subjected to inhumane practices. In East Anglia the large estate owners are prepared to export 300,000 tonnes of grain abroad. We have sold off most of this country’s treasures (I mean industries) in the vain belief that we need inward investment, failing to understand that means outward profit and loss of control.

We live in a decaying Empire, and now can only expect to be plundered, not least by all those who were pillaged by ourselves over the centuries.

Nothing wrong with that. We like competition. Except we have inept leaders who remain greedy servants of those who wish to see us destroyed.

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