British Summer Time is mourned

I wrote this piece in November 2013. People will die this coming winter because of the adherence to GMT.

Car headlightsI’m a supporter of William Willett. He died in 1915 and did so before his idea of British Summer Time was adopted. It remains a great idea.  Not that I can totally agree with his plan to advance time by 80 minutes in April in four incremental steps, and reverse it in September. That was far too complex, and would have allowed far too many people to be late for work. I do retain some Puritan streaks.

Last weekend we moved from British Summer Time back to Greenwich Mean Time. Some folk believe we gain an hour because 2 am suddenly becomes 1 am. In fact it’s a damaging procedure as the next day we all have to get up an hour earlier if we are to conform.

That is debilitating enough, and science is slowly revealing that it could be dangerous. Our DNA measures the age of each of our cells, and its been found to vary. That’s one of the reasons why we die. OK, that’s a complex story and it is still too early in the morning for explanations, so I’ll move on.

Why do we have to keep changing? If we followed the rest of Europe we could have double summer time (SDST) just like Central European Time used by France, Germany and Spain.

We have tried this system before and it seemed to work. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents say this will reduce the number of accidents with lighter evenings meaning we can see each other, and not just a blur of headlights hitting our tired eyes at the end of a day. It saved lives last time. It’s also been said that we will not burn half million tonnes of CO2. That’s power saved, a very important consideration now that the Energy Sharks are getting away with theft.

So, why not? The problem seems to be a surfeit of Scottish MPs with power and influence. That was certainly the case with the last government, and little has changed with the present lot. Perhaps the surname ‘Cameron’ gives some indication of why that’s the case.

It is the Scots that hamper the change, backed by some farmers. That could change when Scotland votes to leave the Union, and land-owners realise that they don’t have to get up so early. They can let their contractors do that or switch on the headlights of their tractors.

Vote for Scottish Freedom if only to get more daylight into your life.

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