Last week in November

It’s been a week. Having moved home I now have a small kitchen which doesn’t have a dishwasher.That’s a minor disaster, after decades of just shoving dirty plates and crockery into a hole in the wall. Remis of me but I’ve discovered that the sink does a very similar job, except it wants me to wash everything. It’s not that big so after a few days I have dirty dishes balanced everywhere. This week I decided to be brave, and tackle the problem.

Its gone well except I need to change the taps (you can call them faucets if you wish, but I don’t see why). At present I have two taps: one is hot, very very hot, the other is cold. My hands need to make a choice.That’s just another job, I’ll get a plumber to sort that out. Except I’ve now redesigned my kitchen (in my head) and if I get a combination oven/microwave, do away with the oven, then there may be space for a dishwasher.

That’s my domestic problems solved.

Went to Norwich to the Northern Ballet’s production of Nutcracker Good performance from a company that gives opportunities to relatively young dancers. Scaling productions down to fit into theatres for which sets have not been designed can be difficult, and the full corps de ballet often had to enter the stage in smaller sections. They all did a splendid job.

The Norwich Theatre Royal has just announced that the Russian State Ballet of Siberia will perform, Giselle, the Snow Maiden and The Nutcracker between 18-20 February 2015. As that covers my birthday I’m tempted to go to each ballet. Perhaps stay over in Norwich – that’s an exciting prospect; foreign travel.

Normally I choose the matinee performances, as it’s so much easier to catch the train from Felixstowe: 9.28 is first cheap-day return. That allows for a stroll around Norwich, a spot of lunch then to the theatre. Catching the 5pm train home allows me to get home before the wicked weasels start to roam the dark streets.

As I write I’m about to leave for tonight’s performance of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya by Open Space Theatre at the Fisher Theatre, Bungay. I shall take my delightful companion to the Three Cooks restaurant, just a few steps away from the theatre. Exciting stuff.

You may know that the new owner of the Spa Pavilion has been trying to wrestle the website away from me. The mediation procedure has failed, so now he must go to adjudication. We shall see what happens.close_of_mediation_registrant3393828251733907405

I’m also involved with the Corey Tyler Foundation (CRF) who have been served notice to quit their facility in Laydens, the former WRVS kitchen, by the owners: ABLE, who are a community interest company apparently controlled by the United Reform Church. I say apparently because they have been very difficult to contact. CRF must quit by 30th December – which does little to help all those who were looking forward to food, and entertainment, over the holiday period.

People must learn to communicate.