Are you bored yet?

I’m very close to tears. It will soon be over.

What happens then?

I’m now convinced that we must change from the confrontation style of politics we now have. I’ll go even further to question the need for politicians, in the same form as we now have. My pipedreams apart we could have a minority government. How will that work?

Forget the stupidity pushed out by some politicians, most of them know very little about work. They are busy climbing onto the platform where the really rich and powerful live. They will never really be accepted but they will be welcomed, with those wan smiles given by those who know they wield absolute power.

The world has changed. Inherited wealth is slipping away. Even the Queen is no longer on the List. Perhaps they didn’t realise that she owns Canada (literally).

Now it’s the turn of the self-made.

Not true of course, for very few of the Top People have ever done very much work themselves.

That’s another world – one that has doubled its wealth in the last five years, whilst the Plebs (that’s you) have suffered austerity so that the bankers did not have to pay for their mistakes, or even pay the £175 billion we gave them – where did we get all that money from anyway, and what interest rate are we charging these suited scallywags?

Where are we?

In Felixstowe we are just cows, providing money not milk. At one time we were bloated and content. Now even happiness is muted. We can watch TV, take a walk along the seafront, although that can a bit dodgy at high tide in the winter. Most of our publicly owned assets have been sold off by the Council. We don’t have places to meet any more.

It’s a long story – and deserves a book which I may write one day soon.

Our Council, which is nowhere near this town, is an autocratic elite – it’s not of course – in the main they are relatively unintelligent but self-preening.

They created a Cabinet form of government. That means that just seven people effectively control the lives of the 125,000 inhabitants of the District.

On Thursday next it will all be over. The sham of an election will allow the same old crowd to strut around safe that they have a ‘majority’.

BTW worker of UK. If I was to give you, say £6000. would you give it to the government to buy Version 2 of Trident, and make USA richer in the process?

Forward Felixstowe

In December 2014 Suffolk Coastal District Council, Felixstowe Town Council and Suffolk County Council agreed to support the new Felixstowe Forward initiative. Suffolk Coastal’s Cabinet approved a £75,000 per year allocation for the next three years (2015/16 – 2017/18) and this was matched by financial and resource commitments from Felixstowe Town Council and Suffolk County Council.

A strategic, ‘place-based’ approach to improving the economic, social and environmental well-being of the town is now required. With this new organisation enabling change.

In March 2015 Helen Greengrass was appointed as the Felixstowe Change Director. Helen Greengrass will lead the Felixstowe Forward team and be the focal point for engagement with local partners in developing interventions to tackle the town’s priorities.

This is excellent news – and I’m aware that some of you will be shaking your heads. Perhaps you’ll be saying that you have heard it all before. We had Felixstowe Futures which passed into the smog of local government having spent a lot of our money.

There is a future for Felixstowe. At present we have no plans for the future. Political parties spend little or no time explaining their plans, except the need to save money.

We’ve reached a stage of Them and Us. Them wants to save money and they want Us to pay, and shut-up.