Progress is needed

ProgressIt’s not really three weeks into 2015, but this is near enough.

What’s been happening?

Not a lot really. Really?

It’s been happening in France. A disastrous situation. We need to ask why.

It all started a long time ago, but has been getting steadily worse as each year has passed. There are dreadful statistics. Now there are 90 firearms for every 100 United States of America citizens. That’s a really sick society. Serbia is next with less than 60, then Yemen, and a surprising number of EU countries where ownership is in the 30s. Luckily Great Britain has just six, with Northern Ireland holding over 20.

There’s some correlation between gun ownership and murders. The UK does well, with just one murder for 100,000 of the population. At one time you’d have to live in the Dakotas, USA to be safer than that, but it’s slowly changing. Averaging under 1/100,000 a decade ago North Dakota saw 4/100,000 last year, Strangely places like Columbia and Puerto Rica have seen murder rates dropping year by year. Is that because they are running out of people to kill? Perhaps potential victims are moving elsewhere? Globalisation of murders!

Horrible word; globalisation. It means that huge corporations can muscle aside the little people. Only rarely do they do so with lower prices. Other tactics are often employed. Monopolies are sought. Domination is a watchword.

Politics is about power and control. Democracy is just a useful cloak. The Middle East became a target. Stupid politicians (did I even mention America?) made dreadful decisions. The Taliban were supported in Afghanistan. It’s rumoured that Osama Bin Laden was paid by the CIA. Sadam Hussein was the wonder boy when thousands were being killed in a senseless war in Iran.

Governments run by arms suppliers and other crooks use politicians in a public relations war. Many were persuaded of the need to take action. Really the arms suppliers were just seeking alternative markets after the collapse of the Iron Curtain.

The new ‘enemy’ is multi-faceted. Who really knows who the real enemy is now? Names change. Money is still being spent. Cheers ring out when an ‘enemy’ tank is blown to smithereens. Nobody questions the true cost of the missile that did the deed. Nobody suggests that we should leave people to sort out their minor local difficulties. The big hammer must be used.

Such tactics harm us all.

In the war zones (sic) they cause resentment. Islam provides a useful banner. The infidel is the problem. That’s been the case ever since the Crusades centuries ago. It’s been easy to light the touch-paper.

In the West we pay the price. Our standards are falling, as the price of everything rises, as we pay for the foolishness of our politicians. Would it have been easier to buy all the heroin that Afghanistan could produce? Whatever the price it would have been cheaper than conflict, we would have control of a dangerous drug, and (perhaps) we could persuade the people into the present century.

It would have been a better use of our foreign-aid budget.

Now we anger people. Guerilla tactics combined with a surplus of armaments mean we are all at risk. Northern Ireland showed how easy it was. I lost a very good friend to a bomb outside Harrods, my daughter was showered with glass as a man beside her was killed at Bishopgate. Anyone can do something similar. France has shown how easy it is, particularly if you want to be turned into a martyr.

We must resist. Passively resist. Talk, talk, and talk some more.

Too many people have been allowed into this country without being indoctrinated. They need to understand what it is to be British (so do I for that matter). We are English, Irish Scots and Welsh. We come from East Anglia, we are Scousers,  we are all different. We seem to dislike each other, especially when watching football.

Given suitable situations we will die for each other.

Not sure that is quite as true as it once was. We’ve been watered down over the last century. millions of good British people were slaughtered during the last 100 years. They have been replaced by folk from elsewhere. In most cases they have been accepted, sometimes even welcomed.

What we must all now realise is that we live together on this island. Our days of lording it across the world are over. For now we must work together to make Britain great again.

That must start by the people telling politicians they work for us. They must do what we want them to do. We must build a democracy.


2015 starts

Another New Year. Strangely enough several of my friends have reacted rather negatively to this new arrival. They come every year but now perhaps we are beginning to tire of their inevitability, or is it fear their bringing us closer to the edge of the cliff?

We all want to have made some improvement by our presence. To see that our children and grandchildren have a better future. Perhaps we don’t really believe that. It’s the start of that second childhood when our memories become clearer than today. It’s likely that our lives become quieter, maybe lonelier as friends leave, and relatives get busier.

I’ll keep going. There’s lots to look forward to in the coming year. Most of all – is the excitement of not knowing!