Buy a House

houseBuy a terraced cottage in the centre of Felixstowe. Just 250 yards from the sea, close to all the shops, perhaps 300 yards to the railway station and fleets of buses.

Built in 1885 as a four-bedroomed house, one has now been converted to a bathroom.

On three floors it is energy efficient.  All of the interiors of the exterior walls have been insulated with two-inch Celotex and replastered. Fuel bills are very low.

Ground-floor has two reception rooms, both about 11-ft square, a kitchen and toilet.

First floor has bedroom (currently a sitting room) with cast iron fireplace, and a bathroom (again with a cast-iron fireplace).

Top floor has two bedrooms, each with sloping ceilings. Front room has dormer window, rear a fanlight.

Rear garden has storage shed, a wooden shed and a large studio that sits across the bottom of the garden, suitable as a craft or art studio.


great place for entertaining


part of studio

external studio – part of the building!

Offers in excess of £172,000 – and a great home in a peaceful seaside town can be yours.


Abbey Grove Felixstowe

Abbey woodAbbey Wood, Felixstowe was planted to celebrate the Millennium, so is now about 15 years old. It’s attached to The Grove, a mature strip of woodland that follows the path of a small stream.  It is owned by the Woodland Trust and maintained by a dedicated local team of volunteers, who muster at the wood every Tuesday.

The Grove Felixstowe

I met Howard Leader and his wife (sorry she’s lovely but I’m terrible with names).
Howard & wife
No visit to The Grove can start without saying ‘hello’ to the tree sprites, so we cross the pond (for want of a better word) and make for their tree.
Bridge to tree sprites home (Ipswich Star)
The sprites are rarely seen, but it does look as if they have cleaned their windows recently

Tree Sprite home

Tree Sprite home

The front door at the foot of the tree is firmly shut, as usual.

upper storeys

We make our way to Abbey Wood, which is looking very good. Growth has been tremendous, with some trees making 14 metres or more, and the hazel coppice just keeps on growing, the hedge that was laid just a year or two ago is well established, and lush.
hazel Coppice
It seems that the volunteers are creating a glade but we wondered whether they were creating coppards:



These are short pollards cut onto an existing coppiced tree. Usually added to prevent cattle or other animals causing damage. However?


These didn’t fit that explanation. We’d welcome any ideas that you may have.
Also interested in identifying this tree. We think we know the answer, so think of it as a little quiz.
Unknown tree
It looked magnificent in the November sunshine this morning. Try to visit Abbey Wood. It will bring peace and tranquility into your life.
Here’s the bark of that tree, as an additional clue.
Trunk bark

Trunk bark