Felixstowe Update

Winkles Cafe, Felixstowe Ferry

It’s beginning to look like a good summer. Still far too many craft in the boatyards, too few sails skudding across the sunset.

Felixstowe’s political elite continue to behave like disinterested fools (should that be charlatans). This week they say the Spa Pavilion can be sold – and knocked down – they will not mind. Everyone I meet groans in horror, but like most Felixstowe residents we have given up complaining. Our Councillors never listen.

There’s good news: the Winkles Cafe is open at the Ferry – marvellous location, and the fish and chips are so fresh. There’s a new cafe at the other end of town by the port observation platform, adding to the Yeo Empire as they also open up the Fludyers Arms Hotel. Good jazz on a Sunday evening, and slowly they are adding items to their menu that do not need a mortgage.

The Seafront Gardens project has started – spread out I fear because they want time to dampen the waste of £2.25 million. They are keeping the Holm Oak, described by experts as an invasive alien that has no right to be here.