Slavery and Citizens

Just a brief thought. We seem to assume that because we are here, living and resident, that we should also be citizens.

That’s not always been the case. Perhaps there’s room for discussion about the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen.


About me and sex statistics

Not that the audio on this page is about my sexual exploits. They are of no real interest. I start by telling you something about myself, and then lead on to chat about sex, finishing with the sexual activities (or should that be olympics) of the Emperor of China,

Do listen – it is exhausting!

Originally broadcast in an audiobook: Composting and Other Stories


Will somebody do something about passwords? I spend too much of my life adding the damn things on the Internet, then forgetting what I’ve written, then waiting for an email (that doesn’t always arrive) to reset my password. On one site this week I changed my password seven (7) times and yet it still refused to allow me access.

It’s driving me mad. Surely there is a better way?

I’ve since been told, by my friend Phil Ashby, that the National Cyber Security Centre has information about passwords:

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Car Travel to London

I drove from my home town to Enflield, in North London, yesterday. It was an unpleasant journey. Huge lorries roaring along, often sitting inches away from the rear of my small Smart car. All very uncomfortable. Everyone wants to g faster, all are desperate to get wherever they are going. Are we making cars that accelerate too fast and not adding the cheap safety devices: cameras, mini-computers, automatic braking, that will save lives?

We are not improving the quality of our lives.

It is also apparent that we are saving money. As a result everything looks tatty. White lines are worn, the road surface is patched, looking like an old jumper on a tramp. We have quality and pride from our lives.

Failure to understand the value of quality in our lives will be our downfall.

Walk proud. Be English.

Another week

Does the world improve? In some ways perhaps: Kenya has banned the use of plastic bags. Well done. An Indian guru has been convicted of raping two women: that shows the gvernment has teeth. They now plan to take over his 1,000 acre estate to recover funds to pay for the damage his supporters have caused. Religion causes terrible suffering at times. In South Africa we are reminded of our past: cannibalism is still about, suggesting to the ignorant that they will gain strength from eating human flesh.

A hurricane devastates parts of the USA. Wooden buildings and telephone and electricity poles are strewn all over the place. This trash is preventable. They should place services underground and build in other materials. Who am I to question the naive belief in market forces? It’s cheaper to do it that way.

Colchester & Ipswich NHS trusts merger

The two NHS Board of Governors controlling Colchester Hospital University Trust and Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust decided at a joint Board Meeting held in Langham Community Centre on 24 August to work on amalgamation of the two trusts.

Choosing Langham was a good choice, it’s hard to find. Despite that a good number of people turned up. I had been led to believe that it was to be a consultation. That was not the case. However the Chairman did allow a reasonable time for people to ask questions – very few of which were answered, at least not to my satisfaction.

The proposal is to merge both hospitals. It will save money the CEO suggests, but admits they will only save by becoming more efficient, yet provides no evidence to support the idea that amalgamation will help. He also says they will spend £70 million. This is another dream. They have asked the NHS for that money, without having any guarantee that their dreams will be realised.

As for the rest of the arguments for the merger, they amounted to very little. People were living longer – so costing more. We should all die? Big organisations attract better people – so why were we persuaded that local control of trusts was a good idea?

I am not convinced they know what they are doing. I’m further convinced that Nick Hulme is not the person to manage two trusts. He has a bad track record, all within the NHS. He is no more than than a reliable sop whom NHS managers can rely upon.

These are multi-million pound organisations yet they are being managed in a very amateurish way.

Medical Cannabis

This is a plea from a law-abiding bloke who wants to offer help to a friend.

There’s a lovely lady who is recovering from her third chemo treatment, which has been both painful and ineffective. She has lung cancer, which has been held at bay for several years. Her prognosis now is dire. Her physicians are saying, in not so many words, go home and die.

On the other hand I have another friend. He was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus, and given chemo treatment. His doctors said the cancer had been reduced, but had not gone  away. He obtained cannabis from Europe, sent to him by post. For three months he took this drug and now, he is told, there is no trace of cancer in his body.

Two friends. One given hope, the other now waiting to die.

Is there anyone out there who can send me a supply of the cannabis used as a medicine?

Contact me through this web site or my Facebook page: You will be handled with discretion.

I just want to help a friend.

What a State!

USA-UKThe United States of America needs to grow up, stop thinking it is wonderful, stay at home sort out it’s own problems, stop putting its fingers in all our pies and relax.

Do they drink too much coffee – is that why they don’t think straight? Perhaps their brains are moving too fast?